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 HBK* Introduction

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PostSubject: HBK* Introduction   HBK* Introduction Icon_minitimeTue Jul 28, 2009 7:04 pm

Well one day i was playing cod4 and it was me and the other 5 members of my team were in the same clan. I listened to how they talked to each other and I could tell that they were great friends and that made me think about all the new people that I could meet and the new friends that I could make! so Not expecting much i went on CODC(call of duty central) to post my clan called HBK*. I wasnt really expecting much but it was worth a shot right?. I was shocked when i got my first reply soon. Then another and another! Then eventually i ran into a guy named xx-noobysoft-xx. i would like to thank him for all his hard work. If it wasnt for him this site wouldnt exist. We also wouldnt have half the members we do now. So Thankyou Noobysoft
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HBK* Introduction
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